The aijuboard (the name is tongue-in-cheek) is a single board computer built around the Xilinx Zynq-7000 combined system-on-chip and FPGA. It is probably the most complicated circuit board I have ever designed, with over 300 components, including three BGA chips and many tiny 0402 components. Doing DDR3 on a four layer board was a particular challenge.

I've done a production run of 15 boards that are fully functional. There are also two working prototype boards.

With the always much appreciated help of cinap_lenrek we have ported 9front to it and it is working wonderfully, although there's stil lot of work to be done (Displayport, SATA).

The Indiegogo campaign is now over. Thanks to everyone that has contributed, with special thanks to the people who bought the board, Stanley Lieber and Ian Sutton (kremlin).


Schematics (v1.1) Schematics (v1.0)
Gerber files (v1.1) Gerber files (v1.0)
Altium design files