Plan 9 System Calls

All of 'em (excluding obsolete ones).

Files Process management
openopen an existing file rforkchange process attributes or create a new process
createcreate a new file or open an existing file for writing execreplace the current process
preadread from an open file exitsterminate the current process
pwritewrite to an open file errstrexchange error string
chdirchange current directory sleepsleep a given amount of time
seekchange the current position in an open file Synchronization
closeclose a file descriptor awaitwait for a child process to terminate
dupduplicate a file descriptor pipecreate a pipe
fd2pathretrieve file name rendezvousexchange a word of data
statread file metadata semacquireacquire a semaphore
fstatread open file metadata semreleaserelease a semaphore
wstatwrite file metadata Memory management
fwstatwrite open file metadata brk_allocate memory
removedelete a file segattachattach to or create a segment
Namespace management segdetachdetach from a segment
mountmount a 9P connection segfreefree physical memory
bindbind a file or directory segbrkchange segment length
unmountunmount or remove a bind segflushflush cache
9P connections Notes
fversioninitialize a 9P connection alarmset the alarm timer
fauthinitiate authentication notifyset the note handler
notedcontinue after note