Why OS X sucks

So far I wasn't able to stand this long enough to seriously comment on it.

  1. /Library/Framework/OpenGL/2.0/Framework/lib/OpenGL/2.0/lib/Framework/lib/GL/libGL.so
  2. hostname is stored in xml in /System/Libraries/Something/Computer/Buttfucking/Documents/Properties.plist
  3. [obj-c sucks]
  4. That GUI. What the fuck. You can't maximize windows reliably? No task bar or anything (lolexpose)?
  5. Fucking menubar at the top. Trying to avoid locality as much as possible.
  6. I have to start the file manager to start programs? What the fuck fuckedy fuck fuck fuck?
  7. They are working hard to hide useful commands.
  8. You really have to use shortcuts to make use of the system in a sane way. And that from a company who spends millions on R&D with the results that shortcuts are a bad idea.
  9. Fat binaries.
  10. A slow-ass microkernel.
  11. Random broken shit all over the place:
    1. mac touchpad is MORE functional in linux than in osx: in osx you CANNOT simulate middle-click without holding meta keys

Luckily (?) it's soon to be replaced by iOS anyway.