Why Linux sucks

Yes, it's unfair to me to bitch only about GNU/Linux, not the mythical not-GNU/Linux.

  1. Linux for the most part tries to adhere to Unix principles, this is good. But it also keeps stuff from Unix which should have long been replaced. (terminal madness, anyone?)
    1. And it follows POSIX and all open source best practices.
  2. Clipboard handling totally sucks so incredibly much. Not even lobotomized monkeys on crack could fuck up this badly.
  3. Distributions are incompatible. Most Software has a Windows binary, an OS X binary and a Debian binary, a Ubuntu binary, a Fedora binary, ...
  4. Countless duplicated folders, binaries in /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /usr/local/bin, /opt/bin, ....
  5. There is no canonical way, ever.
  6. Backwards Compatibility, what's that? Compare running twelve year old Windows 98 software on today's Windows to running two year old software on today's Linux.
  7. Linux people love to replace working solutions with giant broken clusterfuck solutions (see also: NetworkManager).
  8. Dynamic linking, even worse than usual.
  9. Linux Desktop Environments usually try to emulate Windows which sucks. Compare that GNOME's thing to the Windows registry.
  10. GNU shit like Autotools all over the place.
  11. Cross compilers, what's that.
  12. How does /dev work today?
  13. Stupid license shit all over the place.
    Copyright 2012 Fuck you Software Foundation, Inc.
    This rant comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
    For details type warranty.
  14. Networking can be a pain in the ass. Compare setting up NFS to setting up a Windows share.
  15. Broken default settings. Why would you do that.
  16. Charset handling, while not as bad as windows, can be still quite annoying since you have to set locale variables right to get proper utf-8 handling. Luckily it's the default (ha) with many distributions.